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Police Unions

With so many states in dire need to control their budgets, a lot of talk has private flagging companies replacing police on highway construction and maintenance details here. But the police unions have stifled all competition by pushing through laws – such as towns and cities paying for a project must use cops. And a state law that says flaggers must be paid the outrageous fee of $45 per hour plus insurance and other cost. Obviously that makes it all but impossible for a private company to make a profit, never mind break even. And those are just a few examples in our system of greed at any cost to society that has filtered down to even police departments. Do you here that roar of corruption again?

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More Good News

We have some good news on the legal front today. Lawmakers are realizing putting everyone in prison for corporate profit is killing society and are coming up with laws to rehabilitate people instead at about 1/10th the cost of just 1 year of incarceration. Especially non-violent crimes.

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