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When sports contracts are in Forbes, you know some insane salaries are being doled out. The Boston Red Sox gave hated pitcher David Price the largest contract ever, a ludicrous $217 million 7 year deal. Price had a running feud with the Red Sox, particularly their most famous player David (Big Papi) Ortiz. It just goes to show what I said in my book about most athletes just follow the money and teams bring in anyone, including arch enemies if they think it will help get them a championship. Ironically Big Papi was one of the few loyal players who never chased the money.

Moving on to endorsements, we find basketball star Lebron James signing a lifetime contract with Nike for over $300 million. Details are not out yet, but we do know it’s more than the $300 million Nike gave Keven Durant. He also received chump change of $15.8 mil from Tim Warner Cable for his media company.

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