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The 100 Year Spill

This spill started when hurricane Ivan caused a mudslide obliterating the drill site in 2004. It could take 100 years for this spill to run dry when the gulf does. Worse, Taylor Energy Co. is suing the government for it’s $666 million deposit being held in a trust to pay for cleanups. Their is an estimated 10,000 such leaks spilling into the gulf it is so saturated with wells.

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Another Hedge Fund Scam

Hedge funds are back in the news. The destructive rip-offs are now allowing anyone to self-destruct through “alternative funds” for the masses disguised as mutual funds. Most make their computer generated paper money buying shares then selling short as stocks prices fall – remember they bet on them either going up or down: And as you know, they control that movement by selling large batches to get it moving down and then other computers kick in when they reach their down limits – guaranteeing it falls further. Then they gobble them up at fire sale prices. They work best in a down market as reflected by their historical 13% yearly gain compared to a measly 3% since the 2008-09 implosion recovery.

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