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A QUICK QUIZ: Is this A-Iraq B-Afghanistan C-Syria D-San Bernardino, Ca.

A SWAT vehicle carries police officers north on Waterman Avenue where an active shooter situation takes place at the Inland Regional Center on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, San Bernardino, Ca. (Micah Escamilla/The Sun)

A SWAT vehicle carries police officers north on Waterman Avenue where an active shooter situation takes place at the Inland Regional Center on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, San Bernardino, Ca. (Micah Escamilla/The Sun)

What else is new? The most murderous country the world has ever know is up to 1 mass murder rampage a day (four or more victims) year round. It’s a national disgrace! California Governor Jerry Brown blamed his neighboring GOP states for not banning these weapons of mass destruction used in the slayings that came from their states. Until the federal government slithers out from under the giant foot of NRA and weapons manufacturing lobbyist, and joins all us reasonable states that ban military weapons and high capacity magazines made for mowing down the enemy – this well continue.

The rest of the world is making sure their countries DO NOT follow our example by strengthening already stringent gun laws that have either banned all guns or military weapons and high capacity magazines. They are also working together both on a local and national scale through cooperation across former religious divides and regional squabbles – the exact opposite our country. Australia is actually celebrating their 20th year without even one mass murder since banning military weapons and high capacity magazines after just ONE incident! And many other countries are equally successful that allow guns with limited rounds.

When will congress finally do their job instead of partnering with the NRA and protect my daughter. Yes my daughter! This is personnel! To reiterate, why don’t I have any right in a so-called “democracy” to join the other 315 million non-NRA, non-hallucinogenic, non-paranoid citizens to ban these weapons of mass executions not necessary for hunting or adequate home defense, and gun shows that sell them like candy? As well as mandatory background checks. WHERE’S MY RIGHTS AND MY DAUGHTERS to live in peaceful bliss?

Where’s the rights of store owners too? Some states force owners to allow any gun into their stores despite stories like this. We have a local convenience store where gang shootings and robberies are now common in a formally great neighborhood. After being held up at gunpoint, the owner now only opens and closes the front door for each individual customer he knows – or after thoroughly accessing the others after dark. And he closes at 9 PM now. The problem is, he says, is everyone has a gun in the neighborhood now!

Senator Edward Markey confirmed there’s 100,000 gun deaths and injuries a year, about one mass shooting every day and 150 school shootings since Sandy Hook. That’s more than 4 a month people! Maybe we are too stupid to live…or too corrupt!

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Our Paranoid NRA Victims


Is this what you want our country to look like? Getting back to their roots, the NRA is once again going into schools stupid enough to let them in to promote what we call trap shooting. As usual, it serves them the dual purpose of hooking kids on guns, but more importantly it comes with about $75,000 in gun and related sales over the course of each kids lifetime. Ka-ching!

Backing up my concerns and the store owner in Springfield, far and away, the best story so far this year is E.J. Dionne’s of the Washington Post, who wrote a great story about the right “not” to bear arms! It’s about the 315 million (98.75%) of Americans “not” in the NRA who live in a more sane reality that machine guns with high capacity magazines should “not” be in the hands of our neighbors and shoppers waiting to annihilate anyone who looks at them funny. It’s about “our” right to feel safe in our own homes and yards, go shopping in safety, or go to a movie without fear of us or our kids being riddled with bullets! It’s about guns making the rest of us feel threatened and live in constant fear we’re just “human target shooting droids.” It’s about taking a business owners freedom and right away to ban guns in their own stores without the state telling them they can’t. It’s about all the studies (including gun industry sponsored ones) that as clear as the nose on your face, overwhelmingly verifies houses with guns are less safe for all members of the family and two-thirds of the people support banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines. He points out things as simple as licensing and background checks makes for massive declines in gun murders and 90% of the people agree. And (as I said in my book) the NRA is the enemy of freedom by imposing their twisted, paranoid values on all of us – not the protector they claim to be! WHAT ABOUT OUR RIGHTS!?

Is the super-majority paralyzed by these militarized thugs finally standing up to them and taking back our country? For every soldier killed in the Middle East war 7 people die here. So with the help of conscientious gun owners, gun shops, many dissatisfied NRA members and us non NRA citizens, hopefully this scene in the most radical states may soon become a faded memory.

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Koch Brothers Defeat

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Students and teachers in JeffCo, Colorado, recalled the school board funded by the Kcoh brothers American for Prosperity Super Pac. Their’s more good news. More schools are teaming up with Job Corps to teach kids a trade. We are finally realizing every kid shouldn’t be pined for Wall Street or science. Hurray!

Do you feel the revolution at hand?

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Vigilante Strikes at Home Depot

Our favorite people at the NRA have armed so many vigilantes with concealed weapons, one decided to open fire at a Home Depot in Auburn Hills Michigan to stop a suspected shoplifter. Just because she missed everyone shopping doesn’t ease the fear of me, my daughter, her friends, and everyone else getting blown away anywhere we go from legally concealed weapons. She only proved anyone with a gun in public having a bad day – or just goes temporarily insane from power like many cops wielding them – is inherently deadly. The claim by NRA president Wayne LaPierre and Donald (big mouth) Trump of the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with one rings hollow. This guy didn’t have a gun!

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