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Police Mutilate Little Boy

Many of you probably heard about the two officers who mutilated a little 6 year old with 5 bullets sitting in his car seat in Louisiana. They got his unarmed (white) dad with 2 but didn’t kill him. Maybe the two black cops were trying to even things up a little. Whatever the reason, their in jail.

It seems every day we get more poor black people, beat, harassed, or roughed up by cops for routine traffic stops and calls or while patrolling. The Mint Press News points out U.S. cops have killed over 1000 people this year alone and 78 in November. That compares with the UK’s “51 in 95 years.” So how long will it be before another massive, sustained, violent protest breaks out like in the 1950’s and 60’s?

Locally, a former police lieutenant was recently prosecuted for stealing drugs from the evidence room and using them himself. We all know if it wasn’t crucial evidence that allowed the drug dealers to be set free, this never would have happened.

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