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Monopolies and Telecomunication Greed

Bernie Sanders no sooner got done talking about grotesquely dominant companies stomping all over us, and low and behold is an article in the paper about Verizon suing the small tow of Belchertown, Ma. for not allowing them to put in another cell phone tower. They claim federal law denies anybody anywhere from disallowing cell phone service to it’s customers (Verizon’s in this case) in a manner they deem necessary. Verizon claims it would follow all laws, including not lowering property values in the neighborhood and it’s necessary to fill a gap.

People in the neighborhood packed the meeting room against it, claiming it would detract from the neighborhood, hurt property values, the radiation emitted could be harmful, and Verizon failed to provide a map showing any gaps in service. In reality, they want to install their latest technology to get a hands up on there rivals AT&T and Sprint who already provide service there.

You may recall me telling you about the one TV owner in our area – Meredith Media General – buying 4 of the 5 major network stations we get. Now that monopolies are ruling again, in a token jester, they are selling the 1 station they already owned to re-balance the monopoly to avoid the FCC from disapproving the deal. Either way – we’re screwed!


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Electronic Addictions

Some interesting things are popping up in the electronic world once again, and as usual, their tied to making money, further addiction, distracting us from their oligarchy and making us lazier. Shoppable ads are getting people to spend triple that of previous attempts to get us to buy from our mobile devices. A new service called Affirm is allowing us to buy those things like using a credit card. Only this service allows you to pile up simple interest rates of as much as 30% for as long as a year on mobile purchases from participating merchants. They even use social media to help set your rate. Does that mean someone who post sexy pictures of themselves will get a better, or perhaps worse, credit score depending on how attractive they are? Does someone who likes healthy foods over junk food get better rates?

Another interesting thing brought about by our wired society had a local boy fumbling his cell phone along the ridge of an abandoned quarry pit. By the time he stopped fumbling it around he had fallen 60 feet into the quarry head first and sustained serious injuries to his face and head, including brain injuries, a broken neck and other serious injuries. He is now confined to a wheel chair. Despite being half dead, the first thing that came out of his mouth was – Where’s my cell phone?

The new wave of online wheeling and dealing and then meeting somewhere to pick up the product has police departments nationwide setting up safe zones at their departments to exchange the products. You may of already heard about this because of the high profile murders of people buying things on Craigslist. Now you can go to police parking lots for “hopefully” a safer place to shop.

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