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School News

There’s good news and bad today. The good news is Hanpshire College is planning to be the first residential college in the country to be 100% sustainable and climate neutral. And Massachusetts is once again tops in test scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The bad news is only 50% of kids scored proficient or higher. And the Federal government actually hired Phoenix University and is now investigating them for deceptive and unfair business practices dealing with veterans. Are they so out of touch they haven’t heard about them, or are they taking kickbacks?

Once again college cost are going up. Not that they have outpaced inflation, but the students share has gone from around 10% in my day to around 75% today from lack of state funding. Some colleges are helping out though. The private college Northeastern is joining other schools and giving a tuition break to parents and siblings of undergraduate students. In there case 25% each. George Washington U. tops that with a grant of 50% for the second student. But my question is… if they can afford to do this, why not lower prices in the first place? In my house, we’re debating weather our daughter will use her college plan money or just finish her education as an intern, than head straight to work. No debt, no worries, with the same incoming level position of a college kid in her field – is there a downside to that?

At UMass about 400 graduate students aren’t getting paid for a variety of reasons that seems mostly paperwork related and eventually became part of their demands in a nationwide “Million Student March.” It unrealistically included demands for cancellation of all student debt, gender neutral bathrooms and housing, a Survivors Bill of Rights for gender-based violence, financial transparency, boycott and divestment, and sections of Israel, as well as increases of retention and recruitment of students of color at UMass. At Harvard they’re allowing any non-gender name (gender neutral) to accommodate that tiny segment of society that now rules the country – Transgenders and gender-queer (neither male nor female).

On the elementary front, we have our insane state allowing the tiny town of Worthington (population 1200) to reopen a small school closed 5 years ago to save money. Now it is its own school district with a whopping total of 51 students grades kindergarten to 6. What does the state think this is, the 19th century or 21st?

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Attack Survived

Once again there was an attack, this time at the University of California, Merced. The good news is the attacker used a knife instead of assault weapons, so the damage was limited to 2 people hospitalized and 3 with minor injuries before police killed him. What a difference over the massacres and annihilation’s with assault weapons loaded to the hilt… wouldn’t you say?

There are some interesting ideas to stop mass executions around the country. One is a 15 year old invention that only allows guns to be fired when wearing a special ring. Another is going back to making gun manufacturers responsible for their product like “every single other manufacturer.” Why are the car manufacturers responsible for deaths from their product, as well as everyone else – including big powerful oil – but not gun manufacturers? Also people want the government (who buys 25% of the guns) to make them more responsible. And of course, any president could reign it in with the sweep of his pen like Trump does everything he doesn’t like.

Locally we have a machine shop of gun lovers with no respect for anyone that lives within ear shot of the place. Draped in confederate flags, they made a shooting range behind the shop complete with portable toilet, an air horn and lots of booze. The neighbors are scared to death of the flying bullets from guns that include illegal assault weapons and want their peaceful neighborhood back, so they reported it to the town and it took them to court for numerous code violations. The shop hired a law firm to uphold there legal rights, they claim, to disturb the peace and harass the good people that spent millions total for their homes in a peaceful neighborhood. What on earth happened to the rights of us other 315 million non NRA members to live in peaceful bliss and enjoy life without stressing out about getting slaughtered in our own homes, yards, and towns any second?

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