Do Politicians Think We’re Total Imbeciles?


Back in 1957, when Andy Griffith was young, he played a cantankerous, egotistical maniac who went from a nobody to having his own TV show with politicians courting his endorsements in mass from his convincing snow jobs. He told us his audiences “were morons and he could sell them fertilizer as caviar, dog food as steak, and they are like caged guinea pigs.” Then calls them “stupid idiots and trained seals that he could make flap their flippers by tossing them a dead fish.”

Is it my imagination, or does this sound a lot like us the last 40 years? The Clinton’s have been grooming minority’s, especially blacks and older woman, for four decades into thinking their demigods, and the recent elections are overwhelming proof of their spell over them. This, despite Hillary taking hundreds of millions of dollars for speeches and donations from every conceivable industry and Super Pac she claims is the enemy of democracy. She even endorsed giving Russia 20% of our uranium under the guise of Uranium One, a Canadian company, for 145 million in donations from 9 investors to the Clinton Foundation – which is at the top of watch dog groups everywhere for their shady dealings.

When Vladimir Putin did an interview with 60 Minutes and met with President Obama, he presented some very good points about us and our geopolitics. He verified my position in the Middle East about it being a relatively stable region until we overthrew their leaders. Then he had us look at things from their perspective and Europe’s. When you look unbiased upon both sides of the mirror, you can see his point. And with his friend Trump in the White House, whom he possibly lent money through Germany’s Deutsche Banks $1.3 billion money laundering scheme, Putin’s singing “Happy Days Are Here Again.” Donald Trump Jr bragged a while back that “money was pouring into the Trump Organization from Russia,” but despite that admission, Russian banks have made a point of concealing whatever they have put in Trump’s pocket and how they’ve been doing it. Maybe that’s why Trump refuses to show his tax returns and fired FBI Director James Comey and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. That and he’s REALLY penniless!

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