Like in Teddy and FDR’s day, we have to contend with billionaire oligarchs who claim to be protectors of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and ways of our founding fathers, but always seem to do the opposite. Now we’re dealing with Donald Trump, the “paper wealthiest politician ever,” who stands for, and represents, everything our founding fathers rebelled against – including bullying and money buying political office. As John Quincy Adams once wrote: “The presidency of the United States is an office neither to be sought nor declined. To pay money for securing it directly or indirectly, was in my opinion, incorrect in principle.” Despite Adams moral preaching’s, by 1860 Abraham Lincoln spent the unheard of sum of nearly $100,000 to win the election and it’s only gotten worse.

We now have stunning amounts of media spitting out propaganda, and they seem to know nothing of real history, or perhaps making it up as you go serves their purpose? Trump does it all the time. He brainwashed the masses through Fox and CNN News into believing he’s the greatest businessman ever – despite his four bankruptcy’s and thousands more subcontractors and their employees lives ruined when he screwed them out of tens of millions of dollars. He said he saw thousands of Muslims cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center in New Jersey from a news video no one else saw! He says he wants to ban Muslim immigrants, yet is in cahoots with them in places like Saudi Arabia and Dubai because they have hordes of money to invest in his titanic failures. Donald Trump is the epitome of the new double-crossing use them and abuse them politicians, and the more unbelievable his stories, the more “hypnotized” Americans believe him!

Meanwhile we see the two minority parties trashing former Independent presidential candidate Bernie Sanders growing popularity by labeling him a dreaded “Socialist,” praying on the popular belief it’s the same as Communism. Like the Scandinavian countries that have the worlds highest standard of living many of us see as the shining example of government, Bernie says he’s a “democratic socialist” – not the “communist” our propaganda spewing, special interest media wants their anti-intellectual, delusional audience to think he is. He sounds part Roosevelt to me!

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