Medical & Pharmaceutical Scams

As you all know, many medical test aren’t necessary, but did you know 95% of test doctors order do not find the problem? So why are they ordered? I bet doctors and malpractice attorneys know why! Worse yet, when they do know what’s wrong and you need life saving medication, many pharmaceutical companies are jacking up the price of some common prescription medications anywhere from 1000% to 10,000%! And did you know the major insurance companies charge single people more for insurance than married ones. They claim they’re more responsible and don’t take as many risk. Then there are those hospitals that charge triple some other ones in there area – not that their greedy!

The June issue of Health Affairs verified what the Obama administration knew years ago, when they reported some hospitals charge as much as 10 times the medicare rate. spurring them to published some cost comparisons and popular procedures at hospitals to encourage conscientious people to go to places with scruples. Is it any surprise the Republican stranglehold and retirement state of Florida has 20 of the top 50 most expensive hospitals?

Under just plain boneheaded: We have thousands of kids taking their parents unfinished prescription drugs and mixing them in a bowl, then taking a handful to see what they’ll do. Smart! Real smart! Fortunately my 16 year old daughter thinks it’s as insane as I do. Thank goodness!

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