Not So Cheap Health Insurance

I just wanted to let you know if you’re looking for cheap health insurance you can forget it! You all know how much you pay now with the mega-companies looking to keep their lofty profits. Rest assured, they have a way to make you pay more and more every year for each way you think of to save money – or make them pay their fair share. You can opt for higher premiums with smaller deductibles, less service, or try private health exchanges. Whatever you do, your going to get hammered, so except it until universal insurance is really universal here like all the other industrialized counties decades ahead of us. Another quick note about long term healthcare. It isn’t getting any cheaper at over $6200 a month for a nursing home and $3300 at an assisted living facility. Meanwhile, large insurance companies sit on so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Again, is there something wrong with this picture?

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