A Look In The Mirror

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Welcome to A Look In The Mirror: The Disintegration of our Morals, Values, Ethics and Society – Can America be Saved?

For those of you who have not yet read this Noam Chomsky, Socrates-like revolutionary, witty, painfully honest and embarrassing depiction of American society; I reeducate those 99% of Americans and the world that have been bullied, brainwashed, kidnapped, and beaten into delusional submission by master sorcerers. You will laugh, cry, and be ashamed as I illuminate the ingenious ways the self serving elite that have no conscience, sold their soles, poisoned every well, and captured and imprisoned all counterweights that balance our society, articulately choreographed the world’s most powerful oligarchy at any cost to society and the planet.

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Those that have read my book, will enjoy this site created to follow up everything we talked about in this groundbreaking and most relevant look at the times with postings and current events emphasizing where we stand on the issues. And for those 99%ers who have been mesmerized and duped into obediently following their masters like a dog to a bone, chased the glitz and glamour long enough, and now want to pull the country back out of “Davy Jones locker,” welcome aboard.

Please feel free to leave any comments about our social demise we foolishly created at our own expense to further enrich the oligarchs gorging off us. I hope you enjoyed my book… and perhaps learned a few things.

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